Music career strategy – the first month

Many years with music and nothing. And making music while working full time is a nightmare, at least for me. I read more and more about promotion, marketing, music career strategy, selling music, and nothing. Other problems in my life need to be solved all the time and the music lies and waits. I created a fan page but the last post was made 10 months ago, the official Instagram account went silent at the same time. I bought a domain for my website about two years ago. And music? How many ideas and projects have I started? I don’t need to say. As you can guess, my music loses to the problems of everyday life.

Time to change that
I still have a day job and responsibilities, but I believe that I will be able to consistently take small steps that will allow me to achieve my next goals in my musical path.

Here is my marketing plan my Music career strategy.

My marketing plan

That’s all? I know a simple one, but this is what my strategy is based on, to expand and add new elements to support my development as a musician in the coming months.
At the beginning, I focus on three elements: on my website, on social media, and of course my music.

The website is the center of my brand, the headquarters. Social media trends and reach are changing (now TikTok reigns supreme), but the website is mine. It is enough that I pay for the domain every year, I do backup regularly and my work is safe. It’s just this blog post at the moment, and I’d like to do one more post in the first month. As you can see, the goal is small. The next posts will allow the website to exist and gain Google recognition. And I? My photos, my bio, and my music? The time will come slowly as the website grows. The goal for this month – one blog post.

Music. This is of course the most important thing. As you can see on my schedule, there are two elements to it: education and recording. Learning and gaining new skills is probably something that musicians do not need to explain. To develop, you must have a daily routine of learning and working with the instrument. The second element is working in a home studio on the music material, and first, finishing the started songs. And let it be at least one 100% complete track this month. Yes, I know nothing but slowly.

Social Media. This is the third element of my strategy to make new contacts and gain potential fans. I chose four: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tweeter. Why? Because they are probably the most popular channels, easy to use and I already have an account on each of them. Unfortunately, all of my social media accounts have one thing in common, they are completely neglected. The best account looks like:

Nawacki Facebook account Yes, the last photo is with Santa Claus, now it’s November so it will be up to date again soon.

Nawacki Instagram account

I used a Pinterest account very often, so I have a lot of boards and pins, unfortunately everything is there, design, electronic projects, culinary recipes, travel, photography and music. Too big for me a mess to promote my brand account. So I decided to create a new account with boards more closely related to creating and promoting music.

Nawacki Pinterest account

I have the biggest problem with Twitter, I have had an account since 2012 and practically nothing is happening there, a few followed accounts, some tweets, generally a big mess. I admit, I don’t feel this medium at all. But, I am aware that I cannot ignore such potential. Therefore, I will try to learn how to use this medium.

Twitter Nawacki account

My goal for this month is to clean up and standardize all my accounts so you can see they’re mine. The same branding, same graphics are a good start. And adding content. And here I am reminded of all these recommendations on how often to publish. Sorry, but I can’t make a few entries a day or a week, I don’t even have any idea what to publish in such amounts. That’s why I’m starting modestly, I want to add one post a week on each of the channels. Yes, during the week. That’s all? No. Besides, spending a few minutes on each account every day, commenting, giving likes, observing new people, i.e. being social.

And what is the goals of these activities, because a marketing plan should have one, more fans, more traffic, recommendations and sharing? All these are good goals and I would like them all, but to be honest, after this first month of my start music career strategy, I would like to stand and shout over his work like Dr. Frankenstein:

It’s alive !!!